Is it hard to ride?

No. It is new, different, and funny, but you will get used to it in no more than 3 minutes. Except for the kids – we noticed that they start riding Drezina almost instantaneously.

How do I ride Drezina?

You can ride it in many different ways – that’s why it’s so much fun. The most common way though is simply stepping on the board with one leg on the front and the other on the backside. Then just start pushing – simple as that.

Does Drezina move backwards on a slope?

No. Even on a slope, the mechanism of Drezina will not allow it to move backwards.

Can I do tricks with Drezina?

Well, it would not be so much fun if you couldn’t! You can do exciting tricks with Drezina, but we recommend having a slow-ride before diving into the deep.

Is Drezina portable?

Yes, you can fold the scooter and transport it to the place where you would like to ride it. When folded, Drezina has a height of 62 cm (for the adults’ size) and 59 cm (for the kids)

What is the maximum speed of Drezina?

Technically, Drezina can reach a maximum of about 36 km/h depending on the skills of the rider. We are supporters of the safe ride, so please, be careful – have responsible fun.

Which muscles do I use while riding Drezina?

When you ride Drezina you actively use the muscles in the front of the thighs and the calves, plus the gluteal muscles of your body.

In addition, depending on the specific position of the body, when riding the scooter, part of the work is taken over by the muscles that bring the thighs (those on the inside of the thighs).