In short, Drezina is a fully mechanical scooter with an innovative drive mechanism. It is a beautifully weird combination of a scooter, skateboard, and bicycle, and does not use energy besides that of the rider, which makes it absolutely eco-friendly.

The drive is performed by transferring the weight from foot to foot on a longitudinally positioned pedal. It has 2 wheels at the front and 2 at the rear, thanks to which it is stable and easy to ride, no balancing is required.

To turn left or right you simply tilt the handlebars (and/or your body) to the desired direction. The front and rear wheels turn at the same time, which significantly reduces the minimum turning radius and makes Drezina very maneuverable and attractive.

The more skillful you get you start to make shorter turns with smaller turning radius.

Riding made fun

You can ride Drezina in many different ways. Here are some ideas to brighten your day on it.

  • With a full stride

    a.k.a. the ordinary way. It is basic but we recommend it when using Drezina for the first time.

  • Ankles only

    When you want to spice it up a little and use different muscle groups. We recommend it for а flat terrain.

  • A ride for two

    Sharing is caring! You can bond together with a friend or beloved one. Just be careful to stay safe.


Of course, if necessary, you can always push your foot off the ground, as you would do with a regular kick scooter.

You already found a new way to ride or invented an interesting trick? Don’t be shy, let us know (and see)!

For your own protection, we recommend to use protective gear such as the one that you would normally use on a bicycle.

Always with you

Drezina is foldable, light and compact. You can take it everywhere with you – in the subway, to the store, in the coffee house, or to the office. You do not have to worry if it’s locked well on the street.

If you want to drive with the kids in the park, and you need to get there by car, you can put at least two scooters even in the smallest trunk.


In our case, size does matter. So, check out our two models.


Drezina Max

for adults and 12+ Y.O. kids

Height (max. / min. with raised handlebar) - 105/85 cm
Height when folded - 62 cm
Width - 26 cm
Length - 108 cm
Weight - 8 kg.
Load capacity of 20 to 100 kg
Maximum speed - 20 km/h

Drezina Mini

for kids from 3 to 12 Y.O.

Height (max. / min. with raised handlebar) - 85/70 cm
Height when folded - 59 cm
Width - 26 cm
Length - 98 cm
Weight - 7.2 kg (to be specified)
Load capacity of 20 to 75 kg.
Maximum speed - 20 km/h


All parts are made of the highest quality materials, with maximum strength, endurance and corrosion resistance, so that the good performance and look of Drezina is maintained for years.



    is made of semi-rigid, two-stage hardened aluminum alloy. Most of the connecting parts are made of aluminum alloy 7075 used in aviation and where greater endurance is required – from stainless steel (grade 304).


    is made of plywood glued at high pressure, with a core of lighter wood types and finishing layers of oak or beech. There is a non-slip coating on the upper surface.


    are 200 mm in diameter and have a polyurethane coating with a Shore A hardness of 85 units. The rear wheels have a diameter of 70 mm and a Shore A hardness of 80 units. The hardness of the wheel cover is selected to ensure the optimal balance between driving speed and riding comfort. Relatively smooth surfaces, such as asphalt, are recommended.


    is simple, reliable, and effective. It has been custom developed especially for Drezina. The brake calipers are mounted over the rear wheels and are activated by hand with a standard handlebar-mounted brake lever – stainless steel cord such as those used in bicycles. Rear wheels play the role of brake shoes, so there are no parts to be replaced or maintained.

    All fasteners - screws, nuts, washers, saw washers, etc. are made of stainless steel.


    are made from aluminum- 7075 alloy with soft neoprene handles. They are also retractable with a simple lever for folding the Drezina and carrying by car or in public transport.


    is hidden in the front vertical part of the body. Chains connected to the end of the pedal transmit torque to the front wheels.