SnowCoaster – large and reliable sled for you and your kids

Our SnowCoaster is large, with a long and comfortable seat, that sits an adult and up to two children or
one additional adult who also remembers those priceless winter adventures.
Despite its large carrying capacity and size, the sled is extremely light. It allows your kid to enjoy sleighing down by himself / herself.
The reliable controls are in the hands of the person sitting at the back. There are handy grips at the end of
two sturdy stainless steel levers-either to turn left or right. You can stop by pulling both at the same time.
The length and hanging point of the levers are designed so that in an emergency, both adult and child can
stop as quickly as possible.
Easy to use in different conditions.  When you are not sleighing downhill and need to pull the sledge you can attach a long and handy strap at the front.

On both sides of the sled there are steps for two people. In case there are three of you, the person in front
can step on the curved part of the sled. When you are transporting the sled or want to descend sliding into
deep snow the steps can be deployed quickly and easily.

And no matter how extreme the descent, the SnowCoaster’s simple, yet reliable construction can withstand any bumpy terrain. The vaulted shape of the basket provides great strength and elasticity and takes on the unevenness of the track as a shock absorber. The seat installed at a convenient height and is covered by a soft cushion – for an even more comfortable experience.

Eye-catching and safe design​

The construction is elegantly simple and reliable. The material is tough and unbreakable and no sharp
parts can injure the passengers in case of a fall. So, take care of yourself and your loved ones, not of the
sled – it won’t break for sure.
The material used for the sled runners has a very low coefficient of friction with the snow, which enables
an excellent sliding experience. The runners’ large diameter also allows sliding in untrodden
powder snow.
The cushion is made of strong, waterproof fabric and can be removed quickly and easily when it needs to
be washed.


The seat has a ribbed arch construction (HDPE) with bending radius of 200 mm. The arched shape provides great strength and elasticity of the seat.

Slide Runners

Thick-walled HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe with a diameter of 75 mm and a wall thickness of 6 mm, ensuring long life of the sled.


It is made of strong, waterproof fabric with foam rubber filling for more comfort when descending on
rough trails. Two pairs of comfortable handles are attached to it.


The brakes are made out of thin-walled stainless steel tube with HDPE filling. There are soft grips at the

Side foot boards

Two pairs made of HDPE threaded to the slide body

Hitch strap

It consists of sturdy textile webbing with soft grip for pulling by hand or over the shoulder. If necessary, it
can be attached to the front of the sled by carabinеr.

Soft plugs

Made of soft foamed material to secure the edges of the slide runners

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